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Make sleepless nights

a part of your past

Providing guidance and solutions to parents for families to thrive!

Hello! I'm Sydney Hough Solomon of Water Lily Sleep Consulting and I'm a certified child sleep consultant.


Although sleep may seem to be a natural impulse, it is a skill that must be mastered. My goal is to coach and support families while they teach their children safe, healthy sleep habits so that the entire family can be well-rested!

I believe parents can have it all; a warm and nurturing relationship with their child and a full night's sleep. At Water Lily Sleep Consulting we follow a child's natural bodily rhythms, create strong routines, and work at your pace. Quality rest plays a major role in a child's mood, health, and development. I think it's important to remember that parents are human, and in order to be present and engaged with their children they need sleep too!

Sleep Packages Include

Current Sleep Assessment

Email and Phone Support

Custom Sleep

Plan & Schedule

1 Hour Family Consult




Sydney was great! Prior to working with Sydney I was climbing in and out of my daughter’s crib 3 or more times a night just so I could get some sleep. 😭😭 Day 13 she goes to bed like a champ, sleeps 12 hours straight and takes two naps a day. To say Sydney was a life saver to two very sleep deprived parents is an understatement! We truly appreciate her insight and working with us to accomplish our family goal of good quality sleep for all! Thank you Sydney 😁

Katie R.

My partner and I worked with Sydney of Water Lily Sleep Consulting to help us to combat our 5-month-old son's short naps, frequent night wakings, and dependency on us when falling asleep. Sydney talked with us about our situation and our particular goals and developed a plan that we could implement over the course of two weeks (and on into the future). The plan was very clear and Sydney was very responsive in clarifying any aspects we were unsure about and making some modifications as time progressed. Over the course of two weeks, she was in regular contact with us answering questions, providing guidance, and giving us lots of support and encouragement.

It was not an easy process, but with Sydney's help our son's sleep improved drastically over the course of two weeks and has continued to get better as we're more confidently managing things on our own now. The whole family is much better rested and able to enjoy our time together so much more. Thank you Sydney!

Kailey S.

Sydney’s service literally changed our lives! Prior to her help, our 7 month old would only nap while being held instead of in his crib. Sydney met with us virtually and gave us a great sleep plan to help get his naps on track, then checked in with us regularly along the way. Her real-time advice was so helpful, e.g “I see he only napped for 30 minutes, so a good bedtime would be 6:30 pm!”

Throughout the process, her encouragement was unflagging and helped us be consistent with our chosen method. I would highly recommend seeking out Sydney’s help if you’re having sleep issues.

Jessica M.

What Well Rested Parents Say

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