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Quick Guide to Surviving the Fall Time Change

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Remember the days when you looked forward to the time change every fall and sleeping in an extra hour? Well, as many of us know, once you have children any time change can be a source of stress. Don't worry, we've created a quick guide to surviving the end of Day Light Saving Time.

The good news is our bodies will naturally adjust to the spring and fall time changes, but these few tips will help the process.

Option 1: The Gradual Approach

Some families find it helpful to ease their little one into daylight saving time the week prior. If this seems like a good fit for your child, try this: Monday or Tuesday start the day 10 minutes later than usual and each day "move" the day forward an additional 10 minutes. For example, on the first day if wake time is usually 6:30 AM, push it forward to 6:40 AM and move each nap and bedtime 10 minutes later than usual as well. If your child is a sensitive little sleeper, the gradual approach can be beneficial for time changes.

Option 2: Change the Clocks

For families that prefer a more direct approach, you can wake in the morning after the time change, adjust clocks, and move on with your usual routine. Within a week or two, you and your children's internal clock will fully adjust to the time change.

Whether you decide to gradually ease into the time change or just go for it and change the clocks, I recommend keeping a couple of things in mind:

  • Maintain a consistent bedtime routine

  • Use light/darkness to help your little one's circadian rhythm adjust to the time change. Take advantage of the light and get outside during wake time; go for a walk or play at the park.

  • Dim the lights during your bed/nap routine and make sure your child's room is pitch black for sleep.

Patience is key, just know that time changes are an adjustment for everyone. If you feel like you could use additional support for daylight saving or anything else, feel free to reach out!

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